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Kimberly Jung


Welcome and thank you for your interest. My hope is that our interaction increases your sense of well-being and capacity for self compassion. 

My areas of expertise:

  • Childhood physical, sexual and emotional abuse

  • Combat trauma

  • Military sexual trauma

  • PTSD

  • Addiction to substances and/or behaviors

  • Relationship counseling

How I work: 

I will ask you to fill out a detailed history and bring it to our first session. Your immediate needs will guide the sessions. We will use your history to view current stressors in the context of your past. And we will address issues of future concerns that may be a source of anxiety. 

Why I do this work:

As the daughter of two parents with traumatic histories, I have witnessed the effects of trauma on individuals and families. My mother experienced complex childhood trauma and my father is a Vietnam war combat veteran. I am indebted to them for choosing light over darkness. And I wish to bring healing to others as a way to increase the light in the world. 

Experience and training: 

I am a licensed clinical social worker working since 2004 treating individuals, couples and groups. I received my MSW from Hunter College in New York City, graduated from UC Berkeley with an undergraduate degree and am a graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy high school. 

I am thankful to the veterans at the West Los Angeles Veterans Health Association for putting in many hours to train me in a broad range of issues. I spent the 11 years I worked at the VA immersed in the treatment of trauma, addiction, depression and anxiety. 

I am certified in cognitive processing therapy and have used it to help men and women overcome profound symptoms of PTSD using the 12-week curriculum. I am trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) and am in the process of certifying. I have completed the Level II training in Gottman Couples therapy, and use this evidenced-based practice to inform my interventions with couples. For treatment of addiction, I use Motivational Interviewing techniques to ensure that the treatment proceeds along the path most aligned with my client. 

Call or email​ for a free phone consultation at 917-563-4210.

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